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    Haltech projects pvt. ltd. is comprises of a strong pool of professionals proficient in dealing with different aspects of such Capital Intensive Infrastructure Projects of complex nature and execution of Projects and commissioning it in all aspects within the specified duration and ensuring all quality parameters are met and adhered with.

    The company has associated with different sector projects related to

     1. Electro Mechanical of Sewarage Treatment Plant
     2. Electro Mechanical of Effluent Treatment Plant
     3. Electo Mechanical of Pumping station
     4. Water supply network
     5. Storm water Pipeline network
    Haltech Projects Pvt.Ltd  is the authorized Sales and Service Partner of M/s Parchure Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Pune Who is the most well known leading manufacturer of STP equipments, WTP equipments for last 15 years.
     The company has been associated with following equipments
    1. Sluice Gates – Rising , Non-Rising, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Stainless steel, MSEP, MS-FRP of all types
    2. Mechanical Stepped Bar Screens
    3. Mechanical Inclined Mono Rake Screens
    4. Manual Bar Screens
    5. Mechanical Multiple Rake Screens
    6. Grit Separator Mechanisms
    7. Vortex Grit Separator Mechanisms
    8. Sludge Thickeners 
    9. Agitators,
    10. Aerators
    11. Clarifiers
    12. Belt Conveyors
    13. Flocculates
    14. Decanters 
    company profile
    our vision & mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to achieve consistency in delivering high-quality and value-added services to the EPC sector by practicing absolute professionalism, timely execution and honesty and building trustworthy relationships with our clients. We are committed to environmental sustainability and exercise our social responsibility to contribute towards infrastructural development while adhering to the best industry standards. A part of our mission also focuses on the overall advancement of our employees and satisfactory benefits and returns for our stakeholders and affiliates.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to acquire recognition as one of the key players in the construction industry by constantly contributing the supplies and services of the highest quality levels. We wish to evolve by taking inspirations from the best international industrial practices and adopting the latest technologies in the field. Our professional experts are highly encouraged to draw valuable experience from every project we work on. Innovation and timely execution are among the strongest pillars of our work culture which ultimately add value to our vision.